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General/Owner Information

Land of Canaan Vacation Resort

99 EFG Drive

Davis, WV 26260


Phone: 304.866.4788

Fax: 304.866.6214

Email: brittany@landofcanaan.com


For Sales or Rental Information

Steven's Realty and Management

201 First Street

Parsons, WV 26287


Phone: 304.478.2141 Ext. 11

Fax: 304.478.2142

Email: drstevens@frontiernet.net



Land of Canaan Utilities

99 EFG Drive

Davis, WV 26260


Phone: 304.866-4788

Fax: 304.866-6214

Email: brittany@landofcanaan.com


Board of Directors

Email: boardmembers@landofcanaan.com